The History Of Montessori

A Montessori environment is conducive to providing the child with all of their physical, emotional and intellectual needs so that they can grow up in the most natural way and become a contributing and influential part of society.

Respecting the child as a learning, developing person. This also teaches the child to respect others.

Changing the environment to allow the child to flourish and develop a positive attitude to learning.

Understanding that it is only in the first six years of life that we can positively influence the development of personality, intellect, and self-concept. After this time it is very difficult or impossible.  Montessori takes advantage of the natural stages of development to keep the child joyous and positive.

The Absorbent Mind

Children are born with the ability to pattern, sequence and memorize. The following analogy was used by Dr. Maria Montessori to describe the difference between the way a child learns and the way an adult learns. The child learning something it is like taking a picture with a camera (instant, effortless, and permanent), while the adult’s learning process is more comparable to a person painting a picture (it requires much effort, the result is coloured by personal beliefs, the result is not an exact replica, and the image fades over time).

This ability to absorb information so easily allows the child to learn a great deal in a very efficient manner. This is why we find child prodigies where skills are learned at an early age. Not only is it easy but they find a joy in learning new things.

The environment must be set up so that the child has interesting and challenging material to work with. This way without interference the child will naturally absorb the right things at the right time. The teacher needs only to be there to guide them, to “follow the child”.

Freedom To Learn

Maria Montessori believed that to best serve the child we should allow them to develop naturally by giving them the freedom to learn what they are drawn to with a sense of caring and love.  Dr. Maria Montessori felt that freedom was very important at this time and the lack of it can be one of the reasons for bad behavior. In her opinion freedom was a necessity for character building.  With freedom a child will develop self-control and self-confidence.

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